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In this riveting and candid memoir, “Vera Jo opens up her world to us in a vulnerable yet captivating way that elicits every thought and emotion from the reader; it’s relatable, heart-wrenching, surprising, funny, challenging and encouraging,” said Ronald Nored, NBA assistant coach of the Charlotte Hornets.  


At twenty-two, six thousand miles separated her from her comfort zone, but Vera Jo Bustos signed a contract to play professional basketball in Greece. So, she said goodbye to what she knew and plunged headfirst into the adventure of a lifetime. A Mindful Journey gives the reader a first-hand experience of Greece and its culture. With humility and humor, Vera Jo tells a story of resilience powered by connection to others. She takes us with her as she discovers the honest and sometimes brutal truth of the struggles of learning a foreign language, the obstacles of self-doubt, homesickness and loneliness, and the heartache and heartbreak that accompanies constant defeat. She learns that defeat is not a dead end. It’s a detour to what really matters—what’s most important in life. She unearths who she truly is, and most important, who she’s about to become.


The practical training Vera Jo used to hone her mental skills alongside her physical skills and life wisdom are interwoven throughout the pages. With the nuggets shared throughout the book of mental toughness, wisdom, and resilience, the reader is compelled—and challenged—to go on “a mindful journey” of their own. 


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