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How to become Disciplined, Accountable, & feel Accomplished

To all students starting out the 2020 school year, I have a quick message for you. 

I know most of you are bummed and a little blue about our current situation and circumstances. 

Now more than ever, you will have to tap into your inner-strength, develop mental toughness, and set the tone for yourself this school year. 

I want to arm you with one basic and simple action that will help you gain an edge with your mindset—establishing discipline, accountability, and feeling accomplished each and every day. 

Every day, you’re going to start the making your bed. 

I know. Basic, right? 

Stay with me. 

When you wake up and you don’t feel good, you have a headache or your tummy hurts or you’re honestly just feeling lazy...but you CHOOSE to make your bed anyway, that’s establishing DISCIPLINE. 

Now, let’s say you have to set an alarm to login to your virtual classroom but you set your alarm form pm instead of feel like you don’t have time to make your bed and there’s more important things going on...but you CHOOSE  make your bed anyway, that’s establishing ACCOUNTABILITY.. 

And at the very least, you start off your day with a sense of ACCOMPLISHMENT by getting one thing done immediately, setting the tone for the rest of your day and instilling the habits of discipline and accountability to accomplish the actions and dreams that matter most to you. 

It’s extremely basic. 

It’s extremely simple. 

But this one action, if repeated consistently will set the tone for not only your day, but the habits you commit to for the rest of your life. 

Success is a CHOICE. 

You choose your mindset. 

You choose your actions. 

You choose what you accomplish, or what you fail to accomplish. 

At the end of the day, are your choices reflecting the person you want to become?

You can’t control the situation. 

But you CAN choose to control your mindset. 

Your actions. 

Your attitude. 

You have the POWER to CHOOSE how you respond.

And I can’t wait to hear the stories of so many of you who CHOOSE to pursue excellence—even amidst the overwhelming challenges and adversity that surrounds you. 

Be great. 

Be you. 

And make your bed. 


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