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Athlete story

My daughter Tessa is a Senior at Robertson High School. She has always been a great athlete, but always lacked the confidence to be “the man.” She played varsity volleyball and basketball since the 8th grade. Up to her sophomore year, she was always satisfied with being a role player. The summer before her Jr year, we were lucky enough to have Coach VJ have a heart to heart with her. Long story short, Tessa has become one of the best all around athletes in class 3A for the last 2 yrs. Last year she helped lead her volleyball team to a final 4 in the volleyball state tournament. She also lead her team to the first ever State Basketball Championship in Las Vegas (NM) history. This season, she just recently lead her team to the first ever State Volleyball Championship, the first ever in Las Vegas history as well. She finished the championship game with 22 kills and 6 blocks at the net. We are hoping for a back to back State Championship in Basketball. Since Coach VJ has come into her life, she has earned several individual awards, which include all district and all state selection in both sports. Coach VJ and Tessa have a special relationship and great friendship. Although Coach VJ was busy before the Volleyball Championship game, she took some time off to facetime Tessa and address her entire volleyball team. Im not sure if Tessa will decide to play either sport in college, but she does have that option now, thanks to Coach VJ. I want to thank Coach for bringing out the best in Tessa. I don't know what they talk about, but whatever it is, Tessa is a complete “Beast” on the court. More importantly, she has become a tremendous leader.  - Benny Ortiz

mindset of confidence course

If you realized how much your mindset impacted your daily life, you would start to pay more attention to the development of your mentality. 


Mental toughness is not a mythical quality only a few possess, it's a quality we all have to some degree. It’s a skill that can be learned, improved, and acquired. 


The way you think determines the way you feel. 

The way you feel regulates the way you act. 

The way you act controls the way you train. 

The way you train dictates how you perform. 


This cycle holds true with any task you try to master in life: From the sports arena, to the classroom, to the business world. 


Twelve years in the making, Mindset of Confidence dives in to understanding your unique performance code. You will begin to understand what it is that makes you tick. Mapping out your own “Scouting Report” on things that stop you, and things that drive you. 


5 stages

30+ concepts

A world of difference


Genuine confidence is not some pleasant feeling that comes and goes, but a personal quality: the ability to rely on yourself, to trust yourself, to be true to yourself, and to act on your core values, regardless of how you are feeling. 

Just like any other physical skill, the way we think is just a habit.



  1. How to identify what is causing your lack of confidence.

  2. How to handle your thoughts and feelings effectively.

  3. How to transform your relationship with your thought process, fears, nervousness, and anxiety. 

  4. How to take control of your actions, even when your thoughts and feelings are negative or uncomfortable. 

  5. How to engage fully in whatever you are doing, finding the highly sought after “zone.”


Once you understand your performance code, you can perform at a high level in all aspects in life – not just on the court/field. 

areas of focus


What you think affects how you feel and perform. Training your mind is as important as training your body.


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