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Mental performance playbooks

Each Mental Performance Playbook consists of (4) 60min sessions.

If this is your first time with mental performance training, we suggest you begin with a Playbook.

Confidence Playbook.png

The Confidence Playbook focuses on helping high-achievers tap into their inner-strength to build upon their foundation of confidence while gaining a deeper understanding of where confidence comes from. 

You'll learn proven strategies to boost your confidence and overcome self-doubt. Through research-backed discussion, self-reflection, and engaging stories, you'll discover the root causes of your lack of confidence and develop a personalized action plan to help you overcome them.

The Confidence Playbook


Rise Under Pressure.png

The Pressure Playbook is designed to help high-achievers and performers excel in high-stress situations. Through engaging activities, personal reflection, and personalized coaching, you will learn how to stay calm, focused, and resilient even in the most demanding circumstances and situations. 

You will create your own mental armor that will change your perception of pressure and improve your confidence so you can perform your best when it matters most. 


Rise Under Pressure Playbook

Dream Teams Playbook.png

What are the secret spices that makes some people more amazing together than apart? And conversely, what makes the teams of the most skilled and talented people on paper so often fail to exceed the sum of their parts in real life?


The kinds of teams that change the course of history—that transform industries, break cycles of oppression or stagnation, or win sports championships for decades in a row—are not the usual suspects. 


What makes them different lies beneath the surface. 


Dream Teams Playbook

Team Coaching

Looking for a more customized approach? Inquire about our monthly team packages.

  • Monthly Coaches Meeting

  • Monthly Team Session

  • Monthly 1-on-1 Athlete Sessions 


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