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Mental performance playbooks

Each playbook consists of 4 (four) 50 minute sessions. All four sessions must be booked and completed within 60 days. We have limited availability for these sessions, and only accept those who are willing to put in the work. The mental game doesn't work unless you put in the work.

 If that's you, let's go! 

Confidence Playbook.png

The Confidence Playbook focuses on helping high-achievers tap into their inner-strength to build upon their foundation of confidence while gaining a deeper understanding of where confidence comes from. 

You'll learn proven strategies to boost your confidence and overcome self-doubt. Through research-backed discussion, self-reflection, and engaging stories, you'll discover the root causes of your lack of confidence and develop a personalized action plan to help you overcome them.

The Confidence Playbook



Pressure Playbook.png

The Pressure Playbook is designed to help high-achievers and performers excel in high-stress situations. Through engaging activities, personal reflection, and personalized coaching, you will learn how to stay calm, focused, and resilient even in the most demanding circumstances and situations. 

You will create your own mental armor that will change your perception of pressure and improve your confidence so you can perform your best when it matters most. 

Rise Under Pressure Playbook




“As an athlete, I have always struggled with my confidence and self belief, but after meeting with Vera Jo through Mentality Solutions, my mindset and view of myself and the game of basketball has change greatly. I was nervous and a little hesitant to start meeting with Vera Jo at first, but as soon as my first meeting ended I told my mom, “that was awesome!” I became eager to learn how a can improve on and off the court. VJ’s excitement and constant motivation helped push me to work harder and hold myself accountable to the standards that I needed to set for myself. I feel more confident then ever and now understand how to control the gremlins and negative things that sometimes enter my thoughts. Thank you for everything Vera Jo!” 


"This year was a struggle for me offensively.  I questioned every shot I took, especially at the free throw line. I was shooting below 20% from the FT line. I didn't realize how much of an issue it was until I air balled 2 free throws vs Auburn. A change needed to be made, and that change was Vera Jo! Her help alone improved not only my free throws, but my presence on the offensive side of the court. With VJ's help I was able to hone in my focus at the free throw line. Within 15 minutes, she not only pointed out issues with my shot, but also gave me helpful tools to fix it.  My shot and mentality improved significantly. I urge every young mind to look for Vera Jo if you're trying to improve not only as an athlete—but also as a young lady/gentleman.” 


“My 14 year old son was not initially onboard with doing this mentality training. He said he didn't need "counseling" and it would probably be a waste of time. He totally changed his tune after this first meeting with Vera. He said she was great and he enjoyed talking to her. While I don't think he'll say so to me, I think he realizes the potential value to him, not just as an athlete, and is now fully onboard.” 


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